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Thanks to Khoa Viet Travel agency and thanks Uyen our very good French-speaking guide.

Thanks to Khoa Viet Travel agency and thanks Uyen our very good French-speaking guide.

April 2015 Two weeks from Hanoï to the mountain valleys of Vietnam’s far north, home to ..

Cruise on Halong Bay

Cruise on Halong Bay

To give you an unforgettable cruise in one of  wolrd natural wonders, we would like to offer some types of high-quality junks.


To have a good trip with the best service with the most comfortable and proactive feeling to explore the magical beauty of Halong Bay: The Au Co (luxury 5*), Bhaya, Victory Star cruise, Paradise Cruise, Bai Tho Junk, Oriental Sails, Bien Ngoc Junk are good choices for the assurance of quality and the multi- form of Junk from 1 cabin, two cabins ... to 20 cabins, suitable for different numbers of passengers.
In addition, you can join with a group of tourists, you have a separate cabin and a French speaking guide on board (the guide of junk just speaks English).

* The Au Co luxury cruise sets new standards Halong Bay 5 stars,
the ‘Mother of Vietnamese Civilization’, which will soon become legends themselves, is the first and only luxury operator to offer 3 days 2 nights cruise in the Gulf of Tonkin.

The Auco Cruise 5stars

The Auco cruise cabin

* The Halong Bay cruise ship Bhaya, pronounced "bay-a", is a splendidly elegant blend of sumptuous old world, Imperial Vietnamese charm with modern luxury, service and refinement.

Bhaya cruise 4stars

Bhaya cruise cabin

The Victory Star cruise or Paradise Cruise (Deluxe, 4*)

Victory Star cruise 4*

Victory Star deluxe cabin

 Indochina Junks - super deluxe: Princesse (1cabine)/ Prince (4cabines)/ Red Dragon (5cabines)/ Lagoon (4cabines)/ Dragon Pearl (11 cabines)

Red Dragon junk

Red Dragon cabin

* Bai Tho has equipped with well-trained and professional staffs, a high-end service to all the luxury cruises, You can find hospitality, friendly and warm staffs with very high quality services on these cruises.

Baitho cruise 3stars

Baitho cruise cabin

The boat was designed in a traditional style and well equipped with modern facilities such as A/C, hot water, composite kayaks,ect. Bien Ngoc experienced and well-trained staffs are appreciated to serve you. Further more, we are willing to bring you not only the memories about marvelous beauty of HaLong Bay-A World Heritage but also the satisfaction about all the luxurious and comfortable services we have made.

Bienngoc cruise 3stars

Bienngoc cruise cabin