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Thanks to Khoa Viet Travel agency and thanks Uyen our very good French-speaking guide.

Thanks to Khoa Viet Travel agency and thanks Uyen our very good French-speaking guide.

April 2015 Two weeks from Hanoï to the mountain valleys of Vietnam’s far north, home to ..

Terms and Conditions

The foreword:
The KHOAVIET TRAVEL company, S.A.R.L with a capital of 2 billion Dong and 250 million Dong at Asia Commercial Bank, located at 
#802, Hoa Cuong Building, 62 Yen Phu street, Ba Dinh dist, Hanoi, Vietnam, holder of License No.0102148220and the license of Tour International operator01-266/LHQT operates the brand of the same nameKHOAVIET TRAVEL. The conditions mentioned below will be provided on the back of the registration form - completed by the agent during registration terms and conditions of sale, which set the conditions relating to the organization about the sales or not, are specified in the articles of Tourism Laws of THE PARLIAMENT of THE SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF VIETNAM - numbered44/2005/QH11 on 25/12/2005.

I. Delivery and prices:
The descriptions
 of each trip or holiday contain a precise statement of benefits included in the package prices offered and any special conditions. By default, other benefits are not includedAirport taxes,fuel surchargeslocal taxes any more tips ... unless otherwise stated, are not included in the price and appears in the "Our prices do not include".

II. Our prices are established
♦ Depending on the exact duration of the trip.
Travel time is calculated from the time of invitation to the airport on day of departure to the arrival time of the day you return.
♦ Prices shown are per person, denominated in dollar. They must be absolutely confirmed at time of registration.

III. Registration and payment:
♦  Registration:

When registeringthe customer agrees to complete a registration form, containing the contact information and personal information of passengers. KHOAVIET TRAVEL shall not be responsible if this information is confused and you are not allowed to embark by the provider.
Registration of our services and the signing of our registration form is acknowledged and accepted by the customer on behalf of all travelers of our all terms of sale.
It also undertakes to pay a deposit of 30of the trip at the time of registration.
The balance of the travel (70%) will be paid on arrival and possible at our offices. The customer has not paid the balance on the agreed date, which is considered to have canceled his trip, and without benefiting from the cancellation ... (If this amount is less than $100, a deposit of $ 100 will be charged). Once we have received, it is understood that you have read, understood and accepted our Conditions.
After registration, any change is not within our responsibility will cost directly incurred by the amendment in terms of air and inland services.

♦ Method of Payment (Bank fees relating to the payment will be done by the customer):
1: Online payment: Sending online by credit card: (contact us for the procedure). Online by Credit cards with OnePay System with 3.3% card processing fee for Visa, Master and 3.85% for AMEX (we will send you the link and you submit your card details by yourself)

2: By Western Union: Sending online by credit card:
a, Full Name: Nguyen The Thao
b, Address: #802, Hoa Cuong Building, 62 Yen Phu street, Ba Dinh dist, Hanoi, Vietnam
c, Tel: +84 4 39380968, mobile: (84) 988 555 690
Send us an account by Western Union to notify us that you sent with the following information:
a, The name of the sender:
b, Number of transfer control of money (usually 10 numbers):
c, the address of the sender.

3: Transfer to the Bank:


• Name of recipient: KV TRAVEL CO., LTD 
• Account number ò beneficiary:
 USD: 0011373565600 (code IBAN)
• Beneficiary Bank: Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam, Operations Centre.
• Address: 198, Trân Quang Khai, Str, Hanoi City, Vietnam.
• Web:

4: Credit cards on the spot: To pay by credit card, a 2% fee is charged.

IV. The modification of the program:
Khoaviet Travel works as an agent for its customers to the various service providers (airlines, hotels...) can not have the liability for changes in routes, visiting hours, delays or cancellations decided by service providers or in unpredictable cases of force majeure (strikes, natural disasters, political events, wars, earthquakes, epidemics etc...) and their consequences.
The programs have been established with the cooperation and approval of the official correspondence of their countries. The itineraries we offer are generally respected, but local agencies have the right to change the order of visits.
In case that the travel and stay are changed on the essential elements for the organizing agency, or are canceled due to circumstances that are not attributable to the organizing agency, or for designs inspired by the interest or safety of the traveler, it can be in a time of 7 days, after being warned, to end his booking by obtaining the restitution of all money paid, without prejudice to claims for compensation for any damage suffered.

V. Transfer by plane
The irregular airlines (changes in schedules or routes, stops, delays, missed connections, cancellations, change of airport) can not be attributed to the agency KHOAVIET TRAVEL. In addition, airlinesmay have to use any other method of transport to transfer their customers in case of major force, without any compensation being required by the passengers concerned.
Each company has its own Policy on luggage. The weight allowed in the hold, amounting usually to 20 kg per person, is clearly indicated on your ticketIn case of damagelate deliveryloss or theft of baggage, the carrier will be your only interlocutor.

VI. Conditions for reimbursement:
 The price of travel and additional costs can never be repaid when the participant does not show the times and places mentioned in the booking of travels, or if subsequently no presentation of travel documents (passport, visas ...) it is unable to participate in the trip.
 The participant giving up any inland services included in the program to which he agreed not to get any refund.
♦ Any travel interrupted for any reason whatsoever, does not give rise to any refund.

VII. Cancellation fees:
1. Cancellation of the travel by the client:
All cancellations must be received in writing or by fax or by e-mail.
In case of cancellation of tour by the client, he must pay the cancellation fee as following:
- More than 45 days before departure: 10% of terrestrial services
- 31 to 45 days before departure: 20% of terrestrial services
- 15 to 30 days before departure: 30% of the terrestrial services
- 07 to 14 days before departure: 50% of the terrestrial services
- 72 hours to 06 days before departure: 70% of the terrestrial services
- Less than 72 hours before departure: 100% of the terrestrial services.
• Any travel interrupted or shortened or any service not used by the client for any reason whatsoever does not lead to any compensation or reimbursement.
• No refunds will be given after confirmation of bookings following services train, plane... (Victoria Express Train), hotels (Victoria Hotel) ...

2. Cancellation of the travel by KHOAVIET TRAVEL:

The customer can not receive  any compensation if the cancellation of the trip is required by the circumstances of force majeure (strike, natural disasters, political events, wars, earthquakes, epidemics ...). In these cases, customers will receive the full amount of the service, but no compensation.

VIII. Discounts for children:
* Children sharing a room (Twin) with an adult: 100% of adult’s rate.
* Children sharing a room (triple) with 2 adults: 80% of adult’s fare
* Children sharing a room (double) with 2 adults: 50% of adult’s fare.
In all cases the children are always exclusive discounts airport taxes excluding charges, except insurance and fuel surcharge.

X. Promotion
At certain times we may offer promotions in the last minute. We inform our customers that they have no retroactive effect in relation to customers who have already paid the normal price. They are not entitled to get any refund of the price difference.

X. Insurance:
No insurance is included in our prices. To cover the risks incurred during your trip (return, cancellation, luggage ...) we advise you to take out additional insurance. The latter could be done either in your home country or in Vietnam according to your wishes, one of the insurance in Vietnam. KHOAVIET TRAVEL can offer you more information to do this.

XI. Responsibility of the tour Operator
When the responsibility of the Operator is engaged, it is limited to the cost of service not provided by his fault. The role of the tour operator is to mediate between travelers and service providers (airlines, hotels, car rental…), which are chosen with many cares.
The tour operator is relieved of all responsibility when the cancellation or modification of an essential travel - before departure or destination - is due to force majeuremeasures related to passenger safety, the lack of client or of a third party unconnected with the provision of benefits.

 After - sales
If the customer believes that the benefit is not provided at destinations as planned, it must be announced immediately and clearly to local officialsin order not to get the disadvantages for the stay.Complaints about the process of travelling should be sent directly to KHOAVIET TRAVEL in writing (we recommend a registered letter with the receipt) in a period of 15 days from the end of the service.
In case that thers is no any agreement between two parties, KHOAVIET TRAVEL and the client, they must firstly find a solution or to negotiation. If this fails, the complaint will be forwarded to the Court of Commercial and Industrial Ministy of Vietnam.
According to the law of Tourism of Vietnam, all tour operators must have a guaranteed deposit of 250 million VND to the State Bank of Vietnam for all reimbursement rules.

XII. Responsible for the client:
1Formalities - Visa - Vaccinations:
Customers are advised to get the consultation of the competent authorities (Consulate, Embassy...) and health formalities (vaccinations, etc...). It is for the customer to verify the validity of documents andvisas for the destination, the stopovers and transitsKHOAVIET 
TRAVEL will not be responsible if boarding by the airline or entering into a country are denied for failure of satisfying the police formalities,customs and health. Passengers are not entitled to any refund.

Between the release of services and the date of departureadministrative changes are likely to occur.
 The visa upon arrival can be obtained by us to apply for your registration. The photocopy of passport must be received at least one week before departure to make the invitation letter. With this letter anda photo (4X6 cm), you will receive the visa at the international airports in Vietnam.
♦ For any departure by plane, boat, bus or train: national identification card or valid passport is required.
 For minors:
• 0 - 14 years: if they do not have any document of personal identification, they can appear on the passport of the person with parental authority with which he travels (attention to: if they are at the age of 7, the photo is required)
• From 15 years: they must have papers of identification with their name.
In both cases, if the person with parental authority has only one CNIthe child will also have an ID card, with the proof of exit if traveling with another person or only with their father or mother. 

2. Service not used
If the customer gives one of the services included or shortens, disrupt, modify the itinerary for any reason (including acceptance of the customer to be landed with compensation offered by the airline), which will not get any refund or compensation.

3. Security- 
Personal Luggage
It is the customer's responsibility to comply with all rules and safety instructions by providers (guides, hotels, airlines…). The customer must do exercises in the common sense, prudence and caution during activities in which he participates. It is recommended that the customer to bring copies of their full documents (passport, prescriptions, credit card, bank account ...) 
In some countries, the flights are quite frequent. There will be a supervision of his personal luggage of the customer during his trip. In case of theft or damage, it is necessary for the client to carry out various steps and have declarations to the competent local authorities. The tour operator can not be responsible for the luggage lost or forgotten by the client.

XIII. Validation
This Agreement becomes effective to public; all changes will be updated on our website. It is applied to implement, even though you have the confirmation and a deposit in advance for your visits. Any complaint must be written and sent to KHOAVIET TRAVEL within 15 days from the end of the service.