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My friends all enjoyed the trip to Vietnam very much

Travel Vietnam from Malaisia

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Thanks to Khoa Viet Travel agency and thanks Uyen our very good French-speaking guide.

Thanks to Khoa Viet Travel agency and thanks Uyen our very good French-speaking guide.

April 2015 Two weeks from Hanoï to the mountain valleys of Vietnam’s far north, home to ..

About us

KHOAVIET TRAVEL is a Vietnamese tour operator founded by the passion for nature, with a young and dynamic team.
♦ The General Director / Foundation / CEO: Mr. Thao Nguyen.

♦ Founded Hanoi Tours from: 2004
♦ Become KHOAVIET TRAVEL from: 2007
♦ Capital is: 2,000,000,000 VND (two billion Dong)
♦ Under the license: 0102148220
♦ The International Tour Operator License: 01-266/LHQT (this license is attributed by the General Administration of Vietnamese Tourism)
♦ Our trips are born of the spirit of curiosity and 7 years of experience on Tourism.
♦ Recommended: Guides in Routard (since 2006), Petit Futé (since 2008) and Evasion (since 2009)
♦ Professionalized: in the creation and organization of customized tour in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar...
♦ We created one more trade mark ASIA GREEN TRAVEL from 2011.

Our slogan:
"Keep smiling" is a bit to keep the happiness, of course it is important not to keep to ourselves and we want to share it. Our slogan means to share this happiness - happiness to offer you our best services in return your smile will be returning from a trip in which you have done more things, to live fully each moment and also maybe an unforgettable meeting you changed the lives...
That smile will not only brighten your own life but also the lives of those around you.
"A smile is a secret key that opens many hearts" (Anonymous)

Tailored or A- la- cart Travel:

A- la- cart: as the name suggested, lets you choose the services in a pre-set map.
Tailored travel is the implementation of a project according to your every request.
A trip that suits you:
Individual: An individual travel by tourists which means grouped together or not. You will decide who and how many people you want to go with: couples, friends or family... but not with a group of strangers. Master of your project, you choose the departure date.
Individual travel is to give freedom to discover a country at your own rhythms and avoid high seasons.
In each tailored trip, we intend to build a trip as your every desire with the help of a travel advisor. Each trip is unique and unlike any other. Our trips are offered suggestions, sources of inspiration to help you design your ideal trip.

Starting with the confidence:

Our travel consultants are experts in designing itineraries. Their extensive knowledge of the destination and the techniques of measurement (accommodation, transport, excursions ...). So nothing will be left to chance for you to live your days.
Finally, we will follow you from your departure to your return carefully and seriously, ensuring the security and assistance if needed.